Kenpo Seminar Series 3 DVD Set Tim Bulot- Original High Quality




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This 3 DVD set takes you inside a private seminar instructed by Tim Bulot, Senior Master Instructor and Executive Vice President of    Tim unleashes in-depth knowledge of Kenpo Sticks, Form 7 and the Advanced Kenpo Freestyles.  The series breaks down as follows:

DVD 1:  KENPO STICKS UNLEASHED — Building from his previous series, Tim takes you deeper into the world of Kenpo Sticks.  With decades of knowledge from the streets, you will learn new and more advanced insights about integrating the sticks into your Kenpo art.

DVD 2:  FORM 7 UNLEASHED — You’ll be better equipped with a profound understand of what this form is all about.  A MUST FOR INSTRUCTORS!  Advanced practitioners will gain decades of knowledge about this form plus the street application of selected techniques from within the form.  Tim is not teaching the entire form step by step but rather clears up some common misunderstandings then pulls techniques from the form and teaches how they are used for fighting.

DVD 3:  ADVANCED KENPO FREESTYLE — Learn the requirements from 3rd Brown to First Black.  This knowledge has become rare.  It was not widely taught in the height of the Ed Parker days and certainly isn’t around much today.  Tim takes his Black Belts through the entire list!  Join us just as if you were there and you too will understand and enjoy these rare but practical Kenpo techniques. 





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