Kenpo Karate DVD Video Brown Belt – Ed Parker American Tim Bulot




The Lost 48 Browns  3rd & 2nd Degree
Presented by: Tim Bulot

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2 DVD set containing the most sophisticated and exciting techniques of the Ed Parker Kenpo System.

The master tapes were recorded in the early 90’s, then they were lost!  Recently discovered in excellent condition, Tim Bulot demonstrates the 3rd and 2nd degree brown belt techniques.  Some of the most sophisticated techniques in Ed Parkers system. This 2 DVD series is perfect for retaining and preparing for those tough exams.  Includes slo-mo cutaways, easy to follow!  Also includes bonus sections on Long Form Three and Finger Set One.   OVER 2 HOURS OF KENPO!  A MUST FOR EPAK PRACTITIONERS!

Our DVDs are professionall produced with quality cameras, lighting and sound.  They are not your typicall “homemade” low quality DVD all to often sold today.  We personally inspect every disk before shipping.  Should you receive a defect, contact us we send you another at our cost!

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