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The complete Kenpo fighter must be able to blend techniques without disruption of motion!

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Written Summary:   By Martial Arts Video Reviews

Kenpo, TKD, and Grappling….all are well represented on the tape market in terms of quantity, but alot fewer stand out in terms of quality. Tim Bulot has some of the best Kenpo videos I’ve seen. Whereas many Kenpo video instructors attempt to show all the various Kenpo self defense techniques and/or forms on video, Bulot takes it to the next level, showing how to make all that stuff REALLY adapatable for any street situation. He addresses the “what if’s”, so in case a street situation, angle of attack, or an attackers response, is less than ideal, you still have alot of rapid options available to you. And speaking of rapid, Bulot has some of the fastest hands I’ve seen, and a sidekick that would make many TKD masters wish they could claim him as their creation. Anyway, addressing the “what if’s” in detail, is something I’ve yet to see any Kenpo video instructor do well. In fact, if you own a set of Kenpo videos by some other instructor, and feel after watching them that you’re not “street ready”, I highly recommend Bulot’s videos. I’ll even go as far as to say this, if I could roll back the clock 20 years, to the beginning of my own martial arts training, this is the kind of guy I wish I’d started taking lessons from. He’s a thinking man’s martial artist. He’s not one of those guys who tells you just to do something because he says so. Bulot explains things in superb detail, and encourages people to ask questions. Just watching him made me see and think about tons of different possibilities. In my opinion, as I’ve said before, the mark of an excellent video instructor, is one who can help you see past the core contents of what he’s teaching you.

OK, enough praise about Mr. Bulot. Let’s get to what’s on this video. 

Each belt in American Kenpo has self defense techniques, similar to what TKD’ers would call “one steps”. Depending on the instructor, there can be anywhere from 6-24 Kenpo self defense techniques required per belt. Grafting, in terms of what Mr. Bulot teaches here, is adding one Kenpo self defense technique on to the end of another, in such a way that it flows and makes sense. Bulot does this extremely well by showing how one can combine the following Kenpo self defense techniques:

1. Five Swords and Crossing Talon
2. Gift of Destruction and Grapping Talon
3. Locking Horns and Circles of Protection
4. Thrusting Prongs and Swinging Pendulum
5. Buckling Branch and Leaping Crane
6. Raining Claw and Heavenly Ascent
7. Lone Kimono and Glancing Wing

A great video for not only any Kenpo enthusiast, but anyone who wants to learn how to combine techniques, so they have tons of possibilities for the street. Highly recommended.

2 DVD SET  $59.95    

Free Shipping in United States (Standard Shipping)

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